Make Your Own Gin... From Scratch!


It’s your time to shine! At The Botanist’s Bay we give you the opportunity to make your very own unique gin. We come to your venue to host your gin making party, with over 30 botanicals to choose from,

your gin really will be unique!


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Welcome To The Botanist’s Bay

Our idea is simple… we come to your venue with all the ingredients, equipment and expertise for you and your guests to make your gin. Each guest will make a bottle of their own recipe gin, using raw botanicals, grain alcohol and a juniper concentrate. Our parties last around 2 and a half hours and are suitable for 8 to 30 guests. From a hen do to a work social… any excuse to get together and make gin!

We use the ‘bathtub’ cold compound method, so no distillation is required, and we have developed a unique formula for a one hour infusion, meaning you will be able to take home your craft gin, named and bottled the same day.


Only the Best

Over 30 Botanicals, Tasty Gin

Florals, cinnamons, nuts, roots, spices and citruses, to name but a few! We have over 30 botanicals in total, allowing you creativity to create your unique gin, with your unique flavour profiles.

Juniper Berries

The seed from the juniper plant, juniper berries are the key ingredient for making gin. With a sharp and piney flavour, juniper berries give gin it’s unique taste.

Having been used since 1500BC they hold a rich history and have been used in traditional medicines for a wide variety of ailments.

Coriander Seed

With its complex flavours of warm, spicy and cirtus tones, coriander seed plays a central role in gin making. It’s not essential, but the second most used botanical, it’s very rare to find a gin that has not been made using coriander seed.


We have lemon verbena, dried grapefruit, fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and so many more citrus botanicals to create your unique gin with a classic twist or a delicate hint.

Citruses are a common botanical in gins, as well as making popular ganishes in gin and tonics and for a refreshing flavoured gin.



Pink, white, black, cubebs, grains of paradise and everything inbetween for a savoury kick. Spicy, warming, smokey, peppercorns the different peppercorns have strikingly different flavours, bringing a unique accent to your gin. 


Herbs & Spices

From your usual household suspects to the far less common. Our range of spices and herbs further add to the complex flavours in your gin.

We’ve a wide range, from cardamoms of all varieties, all spice berries and cassia barks to fennel, rosemary, bay leaves and other such classic herbs.

Everything Else

Florals, cinnamons, nuts, licorice, orris root and angelica root, to name but a few!  You will have time to explore all the botanicals, starting to put together your recipe. 

We have over 30 botanicals in total, allowing you the creativity to create your unique gin, with your unique flavour profiles.

In Action

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Guilt Free Gin Making

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

Every aspect of The Botanist’s Bay has been carefully thought through to be environmentally friendly. We are very much opposed to ‘disposables’, ensuring that all the equipment you will use at our parties is re-usable, the only one-use items are the botanicals and filters – all of which we take away and compost! So you can make your gin totally guilt free.

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