Miten’s Gin Workshop – Private Event


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Gin Workshop


12pm Saturday 19th of June
14 Moor End, Holyport SL6 2YW

You will make a selection of gins from your very own recipes, using our unique formula for one hour cold compound. Learn about the unique history of gin, and quench your thirst with gin to drink throughout.


We kick things off with a gin tasting; you will have three gins to try and can help yourselves to more throughout the experience. We have made these gins using the same method that you will be using, and we will discuss the flavours and ingredients.

You will then have time to get to know the different botanicals available, smelling them to start to get an idea of the gin you’d like to create. Once all the smelling is done, you will start to create your recipe and, once ready, will start weighing out the botanicals to create your gin. We use the cold compound method with our unique 1 hour formula, no distillation. When you have measured out all the botanicals, we will leave them to steep in grain alcohol with juniper concentrate for one hour. During this time you will learn about the rich and unique history of gin, and the two methods used to produce gin. You then have the ultimate challenge…. naming your gin!


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